Site Development & Heavy Engineering

Establishing solid foundations for successful projects

At Robert A. Bothman Construction, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to perform all phases of site development and heavy engineering. To prepare a site for construction, we have the capabilities to self-perform excavation, grading and most other aspects of establishing a project-ready site. Our heavy engineering includes ensuring a solid infrastructure, installing underground utilities and structural concrete and certifying optimum site drainage and stormwater management. Over the years, our team has completed everything from seismic retrofits to highways, roads, and streetscapes, and our superb project management skills ensure completion on time and within budget.

Featured Projects

Palo Alto Cal Train Station
Palo Alto, California

VTA Downtown Stations
San Jose, California

Fort Ord Military Housing
Seaside, California

VTA Tasman & Cisco Stations
San Jose, California

VTA South Line Stations
San Jose, California