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Robert A. Bothman

Chief Executive Officer

Robert A. Bothman started his construction career in the mid-1970s as a laborer and concrete finisher for residential contractors in California’s Santa Clara Valley. As he took on projects from other contractors, he gained extensive knowledge of underground construction, structural concrete, and paving projects. In 1978, Bob founded B&B Concrete to focus primarily on sidewalk repairs, driveways and foundation work. The company grew steadily, and in 1983 Bob obtained his General Engineering Contractor’s License and began to build sports facilities, public parks, and athletic fields.

In 1997, he began to diversify while continuing to be a leader with his business in architectural and structural concrete. Today, as owner and Chief Executive Officer, Bob guides the long-term vision and growth strategy for the company. Drawing on more than 40+ years of experience at all levels of the construction business, Bob understands what is required for success and serves as a trusted mentor and leader for his employees.