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Alternative Delivery

Innovative methods to ensure successful results.

With over 45 years of experience in construction, we’ve discovered that adaptability and creativity are key to fulfilling your project’s distinct needs.

Robert A. Bothman Construction has honed its skills in various innovative delivery approaches. These include Design-Build construction, which provides single-point accountability for all aspects of a project; Lease-Leaseback, which allows projects to be completed more quickly and with fewer change orders than with traditional Design-Bid-Build approach; and Public-Private Partnerships, which reduce risk by utilizing private sector financing for construction on public sector projects.


Single-source accountability for a streamlined process

Design-build construction offers the distinct advantages of single-source accountability, accelerated scheduling, and collaborative delivery. It has become particularly popular for public sector projects in California due to legislation that authorizes design-build for many state and local agencies. Robert A. Bothman Construction has completed numerous design-build projects in both the public and private sectors. We have extensive experience in specialty construction and longstanding relationships with some of the region’s most respected architects. Our strong commitment to customer service makes us an ideal partner for design-build projects.


Guaranteed price and streamlined delivery

Lease-leaseback allows public education clients to select both the project architect and the project builder at the beginning of the design process. A key element of successful Lease-Leaseback allows the designer and builder to work collaboratively with the builder, operating under a pre-construction services contract, owner, designer and builder work collaboratively throughout the design process to produce a cost-effective, constructible project which meets or exceed the owner’s requirements.

As the selected lease-leaseback builder, we participate in every design meeting, provide regular project cost estimates in parallel with the architect, perform constructability reviews, provide scheduling estimates and generate value engineering analyses throughout the design process. By the time the design is undergoing DSA review, we can be putting work packages out for bid to trade subcontractors saving months over a traditional design-bid-build process. And we encourage owners to review those subcontractor bids and participate in subcontractor selection – a level of transparency that cannot be duplicated in any other delivery method.

Once the project is approved by DSA, the owner can award the construction contract at a negotiated guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and construction can begin almost immediately. The owner can relax knowing that the only change orders generated by the builder will be ones that can further reduce the price or arise from unforeseen and unknowable conditions.

As an active participant in the design process, we become vested partners in the project along with the owner and architect, equally committed to turning those project plans into reality.

Public-Private Partnerships

Joining forces to reduce risk and accelerate project completion

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are defined as projects that use private sector financing for the construction or upgrades of public sector facilities. PPPs transfer risks such as operation, maintenance, design and construction from taxpayers to the private sector, enabling project owners to bypass investment roadblocks that often impact public sector financing. PPPs offer numerous benefits, including faster project completion and greater return on investment when compared to traditional methods. Although used extensively elsewhere,  PPP is relatively new in the USA.  However, momentum in the USA is growing and we are actively exploring ways to work with public sector partners to provide the methods needed to achieve their current project goals.

The advantages of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) include the following:

  • Faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective delivery of projects
  • Transfer of economic risk from the taxpayer to the private sector partner
  • Economic efficiency resulting from the integration of design and construction of public infrastructure with the financing, operation and maintenance/upgrading of that infrastructure
  • Creation of added value through synergies between public authorities and private sector companies, in particular, through the integration and cross transfer of public and private sector skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Alleviation of capacity constraints and bottlenecks in the economy through higher productivity of labor and capital resources in the delivery of projects
  • Accountability for the provision and delivery of quality public services through a performance incentive management/regulatory regime
  • Innovation and diversity in the provision of public services
  • Effective utilization of public assets to the benefit of all users of public services
Alternative Delivery
Alternative Delivery
Alternative Delivery
Alternative Delivery

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